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Skeletons are supposed to stay just that, skeletons. I’ve spent years running from mine, I’ve built a new life, I worked my a** off to get where I’m at right now. I’ve worked my way up the ladder and now am one of the top paid female lawyers in New York and I’m only 27. I’m also the exclusive lawyer to the head of the New York mob family, so yeah, I’m that good. I love my life, I worked hard to escape my past, a past that I can’t go back to. There’s to much pain, to much loss, to much…..Just to much. I’m doing great until one night I receive a call and hear the words I never, ever wanted to hear again, words that will force me to face my demons. I have to go home, my dad’s dying and that’s the only reason that would ever make me go back there. I have to go home, I have to return and face what made me run all those years ago. I have to face the Dark Wolves MC, I have to face Jase, the love of my life that I just up and left, and I have to face all the memories of the night my twin brother Robby, died in my arms. I’m terrified, because even worse then that, I have to face my demons, what I did all those years ago. Yeah, this is gonna be a long hard ride, and I’m not sure I’m gonna survive it. 




LOVE, TRUST, FATE, AND A HAPPY EVER AFTER? Yeah, not something this girl believes in.

My life has shown me that love is just another thing that holds you down, that you need to be there for yourself and fate can screw you over faster than a used car salesman. I wouldn’t have survived my mother and her many men if it wasn’t for my best friend, Gage, the only person I have ever trusted and even that took a while to do. I was alone in the world, no family, just me and Gage, until they showed up. Turns out I have a twin brother and my dad’s alive, well f*ck me, and they’ve brought along a guy who I can’t seem to stay away from. Turns out their all shifters, werewolves, whatever you want to call them, and I’m one as well. This strange pull I’m having to this new mysterious hot guy? He’s my mate, not only that, he’s my fated mate, and that alone could kill us both. Yeah whoever said love can conquer all can kiss my ass.                                                                                  


A MATE, LOVE, BEING VUNERALBLE, Yeah, sorry not this guy. I’ve seen the destruction it can do and won’t let it pull me down.

I’ve seen my friends and family in my pack become mated and it’s become their downfall, hell it’s the reason I became Alpha so young. So, wanting a mate and all that love bullshit, yeah, no thank you, don’t want it, don’t need it. Then my best friend Cameron finds his twin sister, and my wolf doesn’t give me a choice, no matter how hard I try to fight it. She pulls me in, we’re too much alike, neither one of us want this, but can’t stay away. She’s from one pack and I’m from another, it would be perfect, then we find out we’re fated. Well, there goes my theory that being mated will be my downfall, because now we’re screwed. A fated mate means being vulnerable in a way I’ve never been, and it could kill us both. I guess whoever asked the question ‘Is love worth dying for?’ was a fated mate, thanks dude.





My life is pretty simple, I live with my aunt and uncle, they became my guardians after my mother passed away when I was 6. I’ve grown up loved, protected, and have never complained. I’m 17, I’m on the varsity softball team at my high school, I hang with the popular kids and enjoy the perks that come with it. Then everything changes, while traveling to California for a championship game I meet a couple of guys. They look familiar and I have this strange pull and connection to one. After hanging out with their sister I brush it off, head home and then my life changes. Everything I know becomes a lie. My whole world is turned upside down. The people I know aren’t who they say they are, and I don’t know who I am anymore.


I lost her long ago, we all did and never thought we’d ever get her back. She disappeared without a trace, everyone thought she was dead. I knew better. My heart would’ve broken if she was. She went missing when she was 4 and I was 6, but even then, I knew she was the one. Then one day, out of nowhere she shows up, at my little sister’s softball championship game. Looking like a dream come true. I can’t let her get away from me again, I won’t lose her again. I have to find out what happened and bring her home where she belongs before it’s too late. There’s so much she doesn’t know.

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